The object of the European Concrete Societies Network (ECSN) is to encourage cooperation between Concrete Societies of eleven European countries and to promote the development of concrete technology and use of concrete in Europe. One of the actions is the organizing of the EUROPEAN CONCRETE AWARD. On the 1st of November more than 60 international delegates came to Helsinki to the award ceremony for the EUROPEAN CONCRETE AWARD 2018 during the Finnish Concrete Day to pick up their prize.

The ECSN’s call for the submission of attractive projects both buildings and civil engineering resulted in 18 submissions -12 for the building category and 6 for the civil engineering category. This year the participants came from Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. The projects were evaluated against a set of criteria by an international jury. Among those criteria are: design, construction, visual appearance and harmony of the structure with its surroundings, properties of concrete exploited in the design, innovative use of concrete in composition, structure or form, workmanship and finish.

Representatives of the owners, architects, structural engineers and contractors of the submitted projects came to Helsinki to receive the award.


In the category “Building” the EUROPEAN CONCRETE AWARD 2018 goes to the project “ÖAMTC MOBILITY CENTRE”, Austria.


Picture 1: ÖAMTC Centre (Austria) The new ÖAMTC headquarter is a remarkable icon on Austria's busiest road in the centre of Vienna

Michael Pauser, managing director of the Austrian Society for Construction Technique, as secretary of the ECSN congratulates the winner project team from Austria to such a load-bearing structure of the building has a number of specific features rarely encountered in such a density or combined in such a way. In addition to these facts the whole project team worked with BIM.


Picture 2: F.l.t.r.: Harald Preinsberger & Patrick Ritz (Granit), Hannes Traupmann & Christoph Pichler (Pichler&Traupmann Architekten), Wolf-Dietrich Denk & Christian Nüssel & Christian Eckerstorfer & Dieter Pichler (FCP ZT), Michael Pauser (ECSN)

In the category „Civil Engineering“, the winner project is “Catharina Bridge” from the Netherlands.


Picture 3: Catharina Bridge (Netherlands)) fits perfectly well in between the historic buildings and is a gain for the innercity Leiden, Credit: HummelFotografie


Pauser speaks in high terms of the winner project team from the Netherlands, who went to the limit to realise a bridge as slender as possible and set with UHPC and the slenderness ratio 1:81 a new record in the Netherlands


Picture 4: F.l.t.r.: Leen Van Belen & Gerard Tuin (Gebr. Schouls), Maikel Jagroep (Betonvereniging Nederland), Jan Verstegen (Pieters Bouwtechniek), Bruun Nissen (Hi-Con), Jimmy van der Aa (DP6 architectuurstudio), Michael Pauser (ECSN)

More information about the projects ECA 2018 at the brochure

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