European Concrete Award 2018

2018 again is a strong year for concrete as building material and the concrete award. The ECSN’s call for the submission of attractive projects both in buildings and civil engineering resulted in 18 submissions – 12 for the building category and 6 for the civil engineering category. The participants this year came from Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

Their projects were evaluated against a set of criterias by an international ECSN jury. Among those criteria are: design, construction, visual appearance and harmony of the structure with its surroundings, properties of concrete exploited in the design, innovative use of concrete in composition, structure or form, workmanship and finish.

The hand out of the EUROPEAN CONCRETE AWARD 2018 is at the Finnish Concrete Days 2018 on the 1st. of November in Helsinki, to the representatives of owner, architect- and engineering offices and the contractors of the winner projects, which met these criterias best. All the buildings- and civil engineering projects are an impressive demonstration of the many possibilities of concrete as a building material.

Broschüre ECSN Award 2016

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